Dear friends and colleagues,
The Malaysian Neurointerventional Society (MyNIS) was officially registered under the Malaysian Registry of Societies on 27th December 2019. I would like to congratulate to our pro team committee members who have worked very hard to make this society a reality.The neurointerventional field has progressed rapidly in the past few decades, dealing with increasingly complex cerebrovascular and stroke cases.Through MyNIS, we will work together with the local and international neurointerventional community to deliver better care our patients.

MyNIS will supervise the training, certification, research and setting of guidelines, in order to maintain high standards of practice in this field. We will also work closely with our industry partners to improve our techniques and innovate future devices and technologies. This combined effort will help improve the quality of and access to neurointerventional services, contributing to improved patient outcomes.

I hope we can work together, and jointly give our full commitment to make this society an important contributor to the national and global advancement of neurointervention.

Sincerely yours.

Associate Professor Dr Khairul Azmi Abd Kadir
President of the Malaysian Neurointerventional Society (MyNIS) 2022-2024 & 2020-2022.