• Opportunity to enhance your knowledge in neurointerventional field.
• Access to CME, workshops and training organised by MyNIS.
• Discounted member rates to attend meetings and conferences.
• Experience the benefits of various learning experience and create network with the leading thinkers in neurointervention and neuroradiology.


Ordinary Members

  • Open to radiologists, physicians, surgeons, medical practitioners and allied health professionals who are practicing in Malaysia, age 18 years and above and all radiologists with a proven interest in neurointervention.
  • Must have a sponsor of another ordinary member
  • They have full voting rights in the General Assembly and can be elected to the Executive Council.

Life Members

  • Ordinary Members with a proven interest in neurointervention
  • Shall make a lump sum payment subscription.

Honorary Members

  • Honorary membership can be conferred to people who have made outstanding contributions in the field of neurointervention or stroke or MyNIS.
  • They will be elected by the Executive Council and shall be exempt from paying Entrance fees and Annual Subscription
  • They shall not vote or be voted to hold office in the Society.

Associate Members

  • Associate Membership is open to other than ordinary member with a proven interest in neurointervention.
  • An Associate member shall not have the right to vote at the General Meetings or be voted to hold office in the Society.
  • MyNIS will organise continuous medical education and problem solving in challenging neurovascular cases.
  • We aim to conduct multiple annual and monthly society meetings, monthly case conference, and live case demonstration involving several teaching and government institution around Kuala Lumpur province.
  • Besides, we also collaborate with relevant societies like MSN (Malaysian society of neuroscience), industries and others, to conduct hands-on training in neurointervention procedure.
  • Do join our future events as we are having distinguished national and international experts updating us on the latest developments in our specialties.